sustainable development

Impact investing in communities that need real solutions

A healthy environment needs its community as a healthy community needs its environment

We recognize that no community can sustain itself without the ability for its community to generate stable income from satisfying jobs. Such opportunities have to capitalize on the strengths of the population and ensure the environment is protected for the future. We combined the best of both worlds to clean up the environment and provide opportunities for the long term benefit of the community.

Our projects
We have incubated a diverse set of sustainable community development projects and businesses to provide sustainable jobs in the impacted region that match the skill set and desire of the local community.
Betterment Recycling
We are upcycling old coal storage sites to process waste tires transforming them into recycled rubber mulch, asphalt additive and other rubber feed products. The facilities provide good paying jobs for former coal miners that can maximize their skill sets to efficiently operate the facility.
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ekō is an ecological development company building luxury housing communities at an affordable cost point. We bring innovative solutions to upcycle land for the community through energy efficient high end homes built in a safe and reliable structure.
Betterment Spirits (COAL Craft Spirits & Restored)
COAL Craft Spirits is a farm to bottle small batch craft spirits brand that is grown from the roots of organic craftsmanship with a focus on environmental stewardship, quality and perfectionism. The mash bill for our spirits utilize ingredients directly from our Betterment Harvests division.
A bee farm and processing facility located on land upcycled from its prior life as a coal mining site. We will grow, harvest and process pollen, honey and wax for a variety of organic processes in addition to being an integral part in supporting our environmental remediation.
Betterment Harvests
A sustainable farming company that is able to upcycle previously impacted land from prior coal mining and industrial activity. We provide the highest quality of agriculture while providing job opportunities to a region that is in need of sustainable employment.
Entrepreneur Zone
Formerly an office headquarters for a large coal mining company, this site is being repurposed by Land Betterment to provide a collaborative community environment that will bring diverse entrepreneurs together to provide them with initial works paces, community resources, education and start-up capital to help foster and growth their businesses.