environmental solutions

Restoring Our Earth

A long history of finding simple solutions to complex problems

We are witnessing a moment of change. A change that creates hope for our future generations, but through the transition, challenges for the local communities.

Our platform advances real solutions to restore the environment and allows these impacted communities to move rapidly away from thermal coal mining jobs while harnessing the immense energy and capabilities of the local population.

Our operations
Coal Mine and Industrial Remediation
The rapid shift away from coal-based fuels for energy generation has left the land littered with old mining works with little oversight. We offer a complete range of services for land remediation with a full staff to handle such needs.
Coal Waste Processing
We utilize the highest quality of equipment and processing standards to reduce environmental impact and save in short and long term cost.  We approach the process with a long term focus on the environmental through short terms solutions.
Water Treatment Solutions
Our proven water treatment solutions are innovative and ever adapting to the new challenges being faced by economic expansion and development. We continually look to innovate and develop ways to protect and improve our waterways.
Water Technologies
Our natural solutions enable proper PH balancing, treatment and disposal of acid mine water disposal without the use of dangerous chemicals. We have several solutions in various forms of development which will be patent pending in the future.
Security Solutions
Protecting the environment and property is a service that we offer to our clients to enable secure and safe operations. We can provide 24/7 security services to sites that are both in urban and rural environments.
Material Recycling
Our environmental solutions process looks to upcycle waste that has been left to degrade. We look to deconstruct operations in a manner that can enable the "waste" to be reused at other locations or recycled to produce steel for every day uses.

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