We foster positive social and environmental impact by up-cycling former coal mining sites to create sustainable community development and job creation. In the impacted communities we are witnessing a moment of change as our society transitions away from coal-based fuels.

 “Land Betterment is committed to restoring the impacted land from prior coal mining sites and bettering the land into areas that the local communities can be proud of, while generating sustainable employment and reinvigorating the region.”


Coal regions have been decimated by the worlds migration to alternative energy sources.  We restore the earth from the abandon mines and infrastructure that are littering the landscape.

A community can not sustain itself without sustainable job opportunities for its people. We incubate opportunities for the community while bettering the lands and environment.

We reduce environmental and community impact through the action and minds of our team and partners.  We believe in a diverse mind in spirit to benefit all of our stakeholders.
Why Today, Why now

It's our world to take care of, it's our world to provide for.....

Our team embraces the challenge not only to fix the problems created by others, but also to provide opportunity and stability for transitioning economic regions.

The United States is moving beyond thermal coal as a primary baseload fuel source, and we need to move the impacted communities forward with long term, stable and satisfying opportunities to provide for their families.

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