Betterment Harvest

Sustainably built to provide high quality agriculture and products

We are a sustainable farming company that is able to upcycle previously impacted land from prior coal mining and industrial activity using the latest technology to produce high yield and high quality agriculture. By combining technology with the immense skill set of the population we are able to provide job opportunities to a region that is in need of jobs that will survive in a forward looking economy.

Betterment harvest corporate overview
"Betterment Harvest is tackling the needs of the community by providing sustainable opportunities and premium quality agriculture through redevelopment of impacted lands. Having premium produce grown locally should not be a luxury to the community."
Tom Sauve
Team Leader
Our Story
The location of our ag facilities and farms date back many decades, starting off as industrial or coal mining footprints that we have reclaimed and upcycled to reduce the environmental impact but still providing opportunity to the local community. In all of our operations we look to think of the community and environment first. The world is changing at a rapid pace and we want to be out in front of that change to chart a sustainable course.
Each property needs to be tailored with a specific solution that can benefit the community and the environment. We look at the property to see how we can upcycle the land to provide sustainable farming opportunities for the benefit of the local community.
We develop upcycled properties to plat sustainable agriculture in a safe responsible manner. Our crops are focused on an organic process that ensures the highest quality of products.
Community Involvement
No community can sustain itself without the ability to generate stable income from satisfying jobs. We combined the best of both worlds for the environment and community benefit.
Organically Grown
We utilize strict guidelines to produce pure products using modern techniques ensuring the most nutritious products to the community.
Upcycled Land
We work off land that we have upcycled from prior coal mining sites to provide nutritious agriculture and desired jobs to a community that needs them.
Our projects strive to achieve organic sustainable farming techniques that minimize environmental impact while providing new job opportunities for distressed areas.
Gold Star Farms
Gold Star is a sustainable agricultural project growing premium garlic and organic rye. Our garlic and rye are 100% organic and produced in a sustainable environment. our rye is part of a farm to bottle experience in conjunction with our COAL Craft Spirits.
The future of farming is through vertical and indoor farming.  We can maximize the productivity of the land that can provide economic opportunities for the community that maximize their skill set.
New age hydroponic and tech enhanced greenhouses. We upcycle prior coal mine properties to build state of the art greenhouses producing a variety of organic agriculture. We combine technology with the incredible skill set of the community to ensure maximum yields and quality.
Community Harvests
The terrain limits the opportunity for usable land for community farms. We maximize that availability through upcycling impacted lands to offer space to harvest nutrient rich agriculture.