Betterment Metal Recovery

Recycle, Upcycle and Reuse

Betterment Metal Recovery, a Land Betterment Brand, is a metal recovery and recycling company from prior coal mining and industrial sites to be upcycled for a new and useful purpose. We provide high quality work to the local community through the process of deconstructing old mining infrastructure, buildings and complexes that litter the region.

"Betterment Metal Recovery repairs the earth through recovering the infrastructure of impacted lands to repurpose the metals for the benefit of the community. The world is adapting and we helping the local community adapt as well."
Mark Laverghetta
team leader
Our Story
Betterment Metal saw a problem that needed to be addressed.  The community and local regions were littered with old obsolete infrastructure, buildings and complexes that sat rotting away. What we saw was opportunity and value. If we could efficiently deconstruct, recover and efficiently transport the product to our end customers we could clean up the environment and thereby create a useful repurposed product for future use. Our team developed a concept that resulted in a win - win - win for the community (jobs), environment (clean up and reduce land fill congestion) and region (improved visibility of the landscape).
Our projects are centered in the heart of impact zones that need the most amount of attention yet also provide the most amount of opportunity. We are able to clean up the environment and beautify the landscape while providing material to be repurposed into future everyday products. We are currently operating in both Indiana and Kentucky while evaluating various other sites of operations to put people to work and improve the landscape.
Indiana Coal Rail Car Recycling Project
We have partnered with a local operator to put people to work recycling old coal rail cars that are currently littering the landscape. The metal recycled will be repurposed into new metals and steel.

Kentucky Coal Infrastructure Removal
We are removing old infrastructure from the landscape that previously serviced the coal industry to be recycled into new metals at electric arc furnaces and other recycled purposes.